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    Question Unanswered: Oracle OleDB error in ASP

    Hi... All..

    I faced error when try to conect Oracle Database in my ASP page using this conection string :

    "Provider=OraOledb.Oracle;Data Source=dbgis;User ID=system;Password=system;"

    The error that appeared look like this :

    Error Type:
    OraOLEDB (0x80004005)
    ORA-12638: Credential retrieval failed
    /test/Default.asp, line 8

    My System Configuration in Web Server :

    1. Win2000 Server
    2. Oracle 9i Database Server
    3. IIS Web Server

    Oracle,IIS and Web application installed in the same machine.
    I have tested connection to database ( actualy in the same machine ) using Net Configuration Management and using *.udl file, everything work fine.

    I have set previlege in dir. c:\Oracle , C:\Program Files\Common Files , C:\Program Files\Oracle to allow anonymous user read/execute, but I still faced this error.

    Do I miss something....?? Please...need urgently help...

    Thanks Very Much..

    Kurniawan Basuki

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    can you connect with other/normal user?

    system may need some kind of role ' as sysoper' attached

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    Oracle Oledb error in ASP page

    Yes... I have tested using other user and work fine..., I tested using utility *.udl file and ado connection from VB, working....

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