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    Unanswered: Multiple listbox Boxes as Criteria for a Query

    hi all..
    i am newbie to access and struck there at moment wondering for long long time..
    I have a 3 table linking, 1 form , 1 query necessary to create the multi listboxes as criteria for a query. so i went to form in design mode to create a 3 listboxes, name class, ship, staff respectivity. then i went to query design mode, to select the name, class, ship, and others to query grid, so i had a listbox, Criteria =" [Forms]![Criteria]![class] " , ship listbox Criteria = " [Forms]![Criteria]![ship] " , staff listbox Criteria = " [Forms]![Criteria]![ship]. And also set Parameter properity all to text and save query as "Criteria" then i go back to form design mode, to create the command box to run the query, i draw a command box and suddenly a wizard help to set up the process. All is finished, then i try out, a error message pop up, mismatch expression...

    I still cant find the solution for this. i know that the code for " [Forms]![Criteria]![class] " , when i select from the class listbox, automatically a criteria for class.

    Sorry for my poor english and poor programming. i still cant find an answer in internet... thanks. will appreciate if someone make a sample, so that i can understand how it work. thanks

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    You're missing some logic in your criteria...

    " FIELD_YOURE_SETTING_GOES_HERE = [Forms]![Criteria]![class]"

    Also, google around for cascading combo boxes, there's a good handfull of useful tutorials floating around on the topic.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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