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    Unanswered: Listing of files or column definitions

    I have been using openquery quite regularly to get information from multiple DB2 databases into my MS SQL Server database and I consistently have frustration with finding things. I don't have direct access to the AS/400, only an ODBC connection.

    Can anyone tell me a way to query a list of table names within a specific library (like sysobjects in MS SQL Server) or a way to query field names and definitions (like syscolumns in MS SQL Server) for a specific table? Please remember that I only have an ODBC connection and I cannot execute a command line program.


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    list files

    select name,creator from sysibm.systables where creator='xxx'
    select name from sysibm.syscolumns where tbcreator='xx' and tbname='yy'
    do you have a db client installed ?
    if so, cli is always available.
    db2 list tables for schema xxx
    db2 describe table xxx.yyyy
    best regards, Guy Przytula
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
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    db2 describe table schema.table show detail

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