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    Unanswered: Newbe with MySQL db to server??

    Using MySQL, I created one database with three tables in it. When I look in the MySQL data folder all I find is a folder with the database name. When I open the folder I find two files for each table I created (one a text file and the other has an extension of .frm). I also noticed that the text files had the data but no headers.

    When I am in MySQL all works well, but I am using Dreamweaver to develope the WEB page. I copied the tables into the rootfolder and the tables (text and frm) are not being reconized by Dreamweaver. I am using PHP in Dreamweaver.

    Lost and need some direction.

    Richard M

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    This is not a mysql question. You are probably best to post in a forum that deals with PHP or Dreamweaver to get an answer on this.

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