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    Question Unanswered: Need to Verify Dates so no duplicate registrations are mde

    Help please.

    I have a project I'm doing for college. It's an Access database about a bed and breakfast. My problem:

    I have Check_In_Date and Check_Out_Date fields in my reservations table. I want to be able to put registration data in a form -- like a GuestID and then put in a check-in date and a check-out date for a particular room. If that room is already reserved for that time period, I want an error message.

    The data for the reservation itself is in a table that is attached to a registration form.

    Any ideas? Thank you.

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    There's a bunch of ways to do this, one would be to pull a DCount() with the room number, and dates as criteria... eg:

    If DCount("yourRoom", "reservations", yourDate & " BETWEEN check_in_date AND check_out_date) > 0 Then
    room is reserved
    End If
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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