I had this working and now I broke it somehow. I am running into a problem when the length of a memo field is over 2000+. I have a form that contains two fields. A field for new notes and another for the notes history and are both bound fields. I append the new notes to the notes history field including the date, current user and carriage/linefeed combination. I have set up the code an IIF statement that looks at the notes history field first to determine if existing are present that the new notes would be added to. I have no problems when no notes history exist. It's the second part that I cannot update the notes history field as soon as the length becomes over 2000+ in size. When I try and DIM it as Variant, I get a duplicate declaration error and I cannot see where the field is being declared elsewhere anywhere in the whole database. I am really stuck on this and have tried using update queries and running those instead of the SQL that I wrote..but it's not making a difference. I even attempted to put the notes history to a notes hold field and then set the notes field to null and that didn't work either.

How do I get this to work???