DB2 for iSeries. OS Ver. 5.2 running on an 890. My question is related to the high number of ODPs shown for our non-native java connections (i.e. ODPs within QZDASOINIT jobs). In researching this I find that these ODPs are part of DB2s work to keep pseudo-opens/closes on access paths for future use and that they can exist as long as the connection has NOT been closed by the application. I've also learned that the QAQQINI file has two settings - OPEN_CURSOR_CLOSE_COUNT and OPEN_CURSOR_THRESHOLD which can be used to manage the number of ODPs in the job. What I can't seem to find is information related to properly managing the ODP count in the job. As the ODP count increases is there a system level performance degradation? Is there any documentation that discusses the pros and cons related to taking the defaults for the QAQQINI settings or documentation that discusses considerations for setting these two QAQQINI parameters? Or if anyone has personal feedback, please let me know. Thank you very much.