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    Unanswered: Combo Box Drop Down

    I have more information in the combo box then I want displayed.
    In some cases there are more then one match to choose from (company names) However the locations are diffrent. The combo box displays the company name then state/city to show the diffrence. But the user has to scroll from left to right to see this info.
    Is there a way to allow the drop down box to open wider then the combo box to display all the info that is within the combo box? Eliminating the need to scroll left to right to view everything.

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    in form designview en large the width of the combox by dragging, and set the columnwidth in properties to de desired width

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    Hi chrisn6104

    To set your column widths to a size you desire, go to the FormDesignView, select your ComboBox, open the Properties for your ComboBox. Then, on the FormatTab go to the ColumnWidths line. There you set the size you want for each column in your ComboBox. Something like 0.5";1.0";1.5" would set your first column, sometimes the PrimaryKey to a small size. The others are whatever you want. To keep a field from showing you place 0" for that one. Note the colons between the measurements. Also on the properties you can select how many columns show and how many rows as well. Hope this gives you enough to play with.

    have a nice one,

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