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    Unanswered: ODBC Call Failed Error

    Hello all, I am having slight issue with odbc and access 2003. I am running xp with SRP2 on it. My ODBC connection works great when I run a MAKE TABLE QUERY. But If I try running a "Select Query," I get the following error, "ODBC Call Failed." Does any one have any suggestions?

    Things I Have done

    Made a new ODBC Data Source
    Repaired DB
    Made a new DB from scratch.
    Tried running it on another PC.

    I get the same error every time. I know it worked after upgrading from office 2000 to office 2003. But I am not sure if it worked correctly after adding the xp service pack 2. Any suggestions would be GREAT! Thanks for your help in advance!

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    I don't know why, but as a trial, uninstall the SP and try it.

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    Thanks for the suggestion...... I did try uninstalling SP2 with no success of getting problem. I will keep searching for a solution. I cannot invision it being the ODBC connection because of being able to access the data running make table query. It just make since that you not see a snap shot.....enough rambling, thanks again!

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