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    Unhappy Unanswered: REP-50003: Bad Command Line


    Running a WebReport from a WebForm using a Parameter Form, I get an error message:

    REP-50003: Bad command line: Report=Consent_test Destype=cache Desformat=htmlcss userid= server=RepSRV p_actions=http://terrain2004:8888/reports/rwservlet? p_server_name=RepSRV destype=Cache p_user_connect= p_seq_num=1 p_ctrlnum=32586 p_project=32587 desname=

    Looking at the command line, It looks like the "userid" and "p_user_connect" and "desname" are not set.

    Before getting the REP-50003, I get a logon screen asking me for my username/password/database information which I enter correctly.

    1) Why isn't the userid set accordingly ?
    2) Why do I get such a logon screen with error:

    REP-51018: need database user authentication

    Your feedback is appreaciated,


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    AFAIK, a URL can NOT contain space characters.
    So the posted URL could be problematic in more ways than one.
    Did you ever create a brain dead report which displays only SYSDATES & get it to owrk?
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