I have a frustrating problem where an simple continuos form will not requery after the database is converted to an MDE.

The user clicks a button that should create a new record and add it to the bottom of the form for editing. 9 time out of ten, the new record will not appear, and if the user clicks the button again, maybe the first record will appear, but the second one won't...sometimes the user clicks the butto 5 or 6 time sbefore the first 2 or three records show themeselves.

I have tried





Forms!frmAllocationRulesUpdate.RecordSource = "<RecordSource>"

Forms!frmAllocationRulesUpdate.RecordSource = FormsfrmAllocationRulesUpdate.RecordSource

Making the RecordSource "" then implicitly creating it again.

And pretty much every combination of the above...

I have very little hair left to tear out...can any one help!