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    Unhappy Unanswered: WebReports Invocation Errors


    I have a WebForm called Tbdoctrk that calls 4 different WebReports using Parameter Forms.

    When trying to invoke the first WebReport, I get an error message:

    FRM-41214:Unable to run report
    FRM-41217:Unable to get report job status

    When trying to invoke the third and the fourth WebReports I get the following sequence of errors:

    REP-110: Unable to open file Brdreau_test
    REP-1070: Error while opening or saving a document
    REP-0110: Unable to open file 'Brdreau_test'

    1) How should I go about resolving these error messages ?


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    >1) How should I go about resolving these error messages ?
    Have you ever gotten a single report successfully invoked from a Form?
    If you have, what is different between the report which worked & those that don't work.?
    If not, what makes you convinced the Reports Server is properly configured?
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    Unhappy Partial Success (???)


    Yes, I can successfully invoked a few WebReports from WebForms by passing through Parameter Forms.

    However, certain WebReports give me the mentionned errors ?
    That is puzzling..

    Also, under Windows XP Pro Oracle 9i iDS, I can invoke my WebReports. However, under Linux Enterprise 3 (ES) Forms/Reports 10g (iAS), I cannot invoke my WebReports from WebForms.

    The same WebReports than iDS. The Parameter Form Fields are missing for Parameters of type Character.

    1) How can you explain such a difference ?


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