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    Unanswered: Need noobie help

    How do you set a field to autofill, an example would be the current date.
    I'd also like to create other fields that would have a list of options to select, that would then have another field with other selectable options dependent on the previous field. And finally a field for a number.

    So something like this


    Can somebody point me in the right direction?

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    field autofill with date; set default to =now()

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    Hi kalzanth,
    "Welcome to the Forum"
    For your first question, to set a field to autofill the current date you simply set that field as this: =Date() You can do that in the TableDesignView. Or in an UnboundTextBox you do this in the FormDesignView, then Properties for that field, then on the DataTab on the line for ControlSource you place the same data like this: =Date()
    As for the other part of your question take a look at the attachment. View the forms and see how they are done, that might help you.

    Hope this helps you out and that you enjoy the Forum
    have a nice one,
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