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    Question Unanswered: quick 'n easy

    HI All *yet again*.

    I think (and hope) this is an easy one for all you "experts" out there, who have been so friendly and helpful in the past. I thought I had this problem fixed, but oh no, its not.

    Ok - so my general coding for this program is as follows. I have a main window, we'll call it my "menu" from which the users click buttons to open other particular forms. Well, I needed the forms to open and close multiple times per session, but I need the data to be reposted every time the form is opened.

    To open the form from the Menu, I have been using,
    frmName1.Show (Modal), frmMenu.frm

    And within the form, I obviously have a function that pulls the data. I usually have this function running on PAGE_LOAD, as well as on page exit. For the page exits I've been using:

    The problem arises when you go to open the same window the second time. Obviously, since the page isn't actually loading again, just re-appearing, the data is only as new as the last time you exited the page, or pressed the "refresh" button on the page. (which is there for this very reason).

    Is there any way to actually "CLOSE" the form, instead of just hiding it? Or is there a better command for getting the data up to date on page SHOW (not just load?)

    Thanks in advance!
    -Matt H-

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    Hello mateo107,

    Try insert into your code:

    Unload yourformname

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    Closes your form
    If your working in VB rather than VBA

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    Place code in the activate event

    to actually remove the form from memory
    unload objectName

    but a better approach would be to leave the form in memory as you are doing and placing the code that pulls the data into the form in the activate event instead of the load event
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