I have a problem accessing an SQL server 2000 database on a server machine from a Delphi application running on a XP client. The application is using ADO to access the SQL server database. When I run the application on Windows 2000 it works just fine.

The fault message returned by the application running on the client is “external exception: C0000006”

According to http://www.delphifaq.com/fq/q1061.shtml the error code
"$C0000006;" stands for "STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR"

(The only information I found on msdn regarding "STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR" is as follows:

The structure JOBOBJECT_ASSOCIATE_COMPLETION_PORT can return the abnormal exit code STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR according to:

Description of JOBOBJECT_ASSOCIATE_COMPLETION_PORT: “The JOBOBJECT_ASSOCIATE_COMPLETION_PORT structure contains information used to associate a completion port with a job. You can associate one completion port with a job. There is no way to terminate the association and no way to associate a different port with the job.”
I suspect that the problem could have to do with the version of MDAC running on the XP client

Here is some information regarding the versions I am running:

Version of SQL Server 2000 on the server machine = 8.00.818 (SP3)
Version of MDAC (msado15.dll) on the XP client = 2.81.1117.0
Version of MDAC (msado15.dll) on the Windows 2000 client = 2.70.7713.0

Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!