Wondered if you might take a look at my problem...

Business problem:
- Show "YTD Ad Cost" as a sum of previous months Ad Cost plus current month.

Technical problem:
- How to get the following MDX (or something similar) into my cube more permanently?

I have 3 time hierarchies including [AdDate] [Fiscal Year] which I'm using here. While I have a working MDX Query expression, my hope now is to define
calculated cells that provide the data more permanently through my cube.

Here is the MDX expression that gets me what I want for Fed Fiscal Year

MEMBER [Measures].[YTD Ad Cost] AS

FedFiscal].CurrentMember, [Measures].[Proj Ad Cost])'

{[Measures].Allmembers} ON COLUMNS,




[AdDate].[FedFiscal].[All].[2000].[2005].[2005-Q4].[2005-10]:[AdDate].[FedFiscal].[All].[2000].[2005].[2005-Q4].[2005-11]} ON ROWS
FROM [z Project Cube MEL TESTING]

How would one convert this to Calculated Cells input:

Subcube: [AdDate].[FedFiscal].[All].[2000].[2005], [measures].Allmembers??

Condition: ???

Formula: ???

There are about 10 dimensions but for now, I'd like the YTD calcs to work
with at least the "Project Phase" dimension.

Any thoughts? Is this enough info?