I have linked tables from Oracle and Access forms.
I have two forms, and have two tables AA and BB.

I open first form , which is empty (for entering data), I open second form from the first form.
Ok - I write data in second form and onClose I add a record in table BB. A part of the writen data displays in first form. Here you add some aditional data, that is writen down in table AA. Of course there is a referencial field to table BB.
The problem is, that Access says there is no record in table BB, whern I try to add a record in table AA. The tables are connected by reference and so the form gives back an error.
But if I open table BB via Access, there is a record in it. I try again to add a record in table AA, referencing record in BB and it says again there is none...

Any idea what to look for? I don't know what to do...