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    Unhappy Unanswered: Re: Last record does not get updated immediately. Why?

    Good Morning,

    I was wondering if someone can help me understand this-
    I have a form(subform)gets its recordsource base on a table through a query in the openform event. The subform displays a record and there are bunch of check boxes w/i this record. This first record after checking/unchecking a box the table updates the change immediately, but the last record when editing the check box the value does not get updated in the table until I move to previous record(clicking on previous btn). Why won't the last record get updated immediately like the other record(s)?

    Thanks for an explanation.

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    As I understand it records do not get updated until you move of the record (by moving to another record or closing the form), unless you force the update by saving the record.

    I assume the first record updates when you move to update the next and so on, but the last record will not update until one of the above happens.


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