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    Unhappy Unanswered: MS OLE DB provider doesn't send username ?

    Hi all,

    I have to use a heavyweight client that connects to a Oracle server and displays the data. I have no idea how it is developped. It just seems to use Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle.

    I'm trying to connect to 2 different instances on my Oracle9.2 server. The names of these 2 instances are "daily" and "monthly", and they are very similar. It works fine with "daily". But I can't manage to connect to "monthly". I get the error :
    Error -2147217843 was generated by Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle.

    ORA-01004 : Nom d'utilisateur par défaut illégal; connexion refusée ;
    (default username feature not supported; logon denied)

    However, I do provide a username/password in the interface to connect. I've tried to connect to "daily" without providing any username/password, and I get the same error (which is normal). But for "monthly", even if I provide a valid username/password, it doesn't seem to be sent to the oracle server.

    Nonetheless, I can connect to "monthly" by Sqlplus or TOAD. There is one tricky thing : I have two Oracle clients installed on my computer. I'd like to uninstall ORAWIN95, but I can't (compagny policy, it's needed for another application). TOAD and Sqlplus seem to use the Oracle8 client, while the software I'm using uses ORAWIN95 : I've seen that by changing the 2 tnsname.ora files.

    Do you have any idea how I can make my software use the Oracle8 client and not the orawin95 ? I'm not even sure the problem comes from my computer, cause I can connect to other instances. What should I check on the server ?


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