I've implemented a SSO solution based on Kerberos in a mixed environment:
- Oracle RDBMS on Linux
- Kerberos Server on Windows2000Srv. The domain controller.
- XP or Win2000 Clients

I use the tickets got during the logon process and stored in the windows credential cache to connect to the Oracle server.
Everything is working well for the Oracle 10 release.
But it's not working for the 8.1.7 Oracle release.
I always got "Credential retrival failed".

I'm even not able to use the okinit utility provided with the 8.1.7 client release to get tickets against the windows KDC.
Of course with the "okinit" utility for provided with the 10 client everything is working.

Anyone knows if the interoperability with windows is supported also in the 8.1.7 version?
Did I forget to set some parameters required for the 8.1.7 version?
There are difference between the Kerberos version in the 8.1.7 and 10 release

Any help will be really appreciated