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    Unanswered: Primary filegroup full SQL error 42000

    (SQL SERVER 2000)

    I keep getting the "primary filegroup is full" error when ever I try to write data even though the following things are true:

    allow unlimited growth set for BOTH database and transaction log
    auto shrink and auto update statistics flags are set in database options
    growth set to 10 percent for both
    database is 4GB but disk has 12GB freespace
    transaction log is on same disk but is only 8MB ???

    SQL shows the database has 2% free space but any attempts to write cause the error, shrinking drops this to 1% but still produces the same error on writes

    SQL shows the transaction log has 90% free space

    backup maintenance plans are in operation for both transaction log and database (write to different drive)

    I am completely confused!

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    Google's a wonderful thing

    Try bumping up the percent growth

    I don't personally like to set to autogrow...the database should be managed to meet particular expectations, you should predicate the growth, and set alerts to imform you when your reaching those limits...

    But I betcha that should fix it.

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    More of the same

    Changed the growth percentage to 80% restarted SQL server agent shrank database, tried the write operation SAME ERROR! But now refuses to perfrom the transaction log backup but only give a general fail error, yet the drive still has 12GB free space!!!!

    For some reason it just won't go beyond the 4GB size, weird, is Windows 2000 Server anything to do with it??

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    Any chance you might have installed MSDE on that machine? According to the Capacity Specifications, MSDE has a 2 Gb limit on the data portion of a database that might be causing havok.


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    If that was MSDE the poster wouldn't have had 4GB worth of data.
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    fix Primary File is Full


    every time run a DTS to certain task, error message said that primary file is full, but i have no idea where is full,my server is freediskspace and TRans log and data also ok.

    need to get a solution to fix it.

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