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    Unanswered: Environ Function Missing

    I have a computer in a network of 10 then does not recognize the Environ function in an Access XP database application. The same application runs without a hitch on the other 9 machines on the network without a problem. The computer that doesn't recognize the Environ function is setup the same as all the others on the network. What could be the source of the problem?
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    I have similar problem fairly frequently, since our network guys are always changing/upgrading pc's with little regard for my app's.

    I run this code on the PC where everything works okay, write down the references, and then run the code on the pc that is misbehaving.
    I usually find a missing reference that I have to restore:

    Function ReferenceInfo()

    Dim strMessage As String
    Dim strTitle As String
    Dim refItem As Reference

    On Error Resume Next

    For Each refItem In References
    If refItem.IsBroken Then
    strMessage = "Missing Reference:" & vbCrLf & refItem.FullPath
    strMessage = "Reference: " & refItem.Name & vbCrLf _
    & "Location: " & refItem.FullPath & vbCrLf
    End If
    Debug.Print strMessage
    Next refItem

    End Function
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