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    Unanswered: Clearing cells within a table

    Hey group,
    I've tried to look this up in past entries and I did not come across this, so if it's been talked about before, I apologize.
    I have a table that contains data for names, areas, and tests. I would like to be able to periodically clear the data in the test columns (there are several columns too), but leave the data for names and areas. That way we start out with blanks instead of carrying over data. Is there some visual basic code to accomplish this? Thank you for any help.


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    UPDATE SomeTable SET TestColumn="", ... ,TestColumnXXX='' WHERE ( ...
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    Not knowing if the Test Scores are letter grades or numeric grades, I would suggest a query based on the following SQL:

    UPDATE TestScores SET Test1 = Null, Test2 = Null, Test3 = Null;

    This is based upon a Table called 'TestScores' with fields of Name, Area, Test1, Test2, and Test3. Modify it for your own table structure.


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