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    Unanswered: DB2 Performance problem

    Hi all,

    I am in need as some urgent assistance regarding the performance of our system.
    We are running db2 8.1 with Fixpak 5 and AIX 5.2 (ML02). We are experiencing heavy memory paging on our system and obviously points to a memory bottleneck, what I would like to know is if there are some db2 parameters that we could maybe reduce to give the OS some memory. Our buffer, catalog cache and package cache are currently sitting at 90% plus hitratio.
    Can anybody suggest on what we can do in the meantime until we do decide to upgrade the memory on the server.

    Thanks to all for the help

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    db2mtrk -i -d -v -p -w command will give you the current memory allocation; add that up; If you are not using any other Application on the system you can dedicate some 50% of memory to database; some 20 % to 30% for filesystem cache; usually the default on AIX is minperm 20 maxperm 80 which is a NO NO ; suggest executing as root
    vmo -po maxclient%=15 -o maxperm%=20 -o minperm%=2 -o minfree=128 maxfree=3060 ; you can adjust this later

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    Hello db2man did u get any solution to your problem ? let me know incase you have anything with you as even i am facing the same kind of problem.


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