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    Unanswered: Insufficient disk space - 5.2 installation

    I have stumbeled into this well-know problem again.

    I saw the patch at:

    But it was not clear to me how to patch BDE with it. I have Delphi - and uses it frequently - but are unfamiliar with patching.

    Is there any other/better way to fix this annoying insuff. disk space problem.

    I also tried to install BDE 5.2, (I got 5.01) but I must admit I do not get it right.

    I try to install from

    The installation seems to be successful, but when I look in the Help of the BDE admin it still says 5.1 from 1998. The bdeadmin.exe is from 12.11.1999, 966 kb.

    All hints are welcome

    Anders Ekeland

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    You would be well-advised to use a more recent version of BDE which does not possess this problem. It should be drop-in compatible with what you're using now.
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