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    Unanswered: Illegal SPL Routine Entry from dbschema.

    i'm on 9.40.fc4, but i know this problem migrated over from 7.31. when i do a dbschema, it dumps out all the schema info until it gets to a specific stored procedure, and this is what it outputs:

    -- last part of previuos procedure...

    return totalrows;

    end procedure

    Illegal SPL Routine Entry.

    sysprocbody looks fine, and i can dump out the text of the next procedure, but it has this at the beginning, which isn't part of the text that is loaded from our side:

    -- All existing object permissions for the object 'getpart'
    -- will be automatically restored after this script is executed.

    drop procedure getpart;

    create procedure getPart( partno int, str varchar(255) )
    returning varchar(255);

    the comments and the drop aren't part of the code that we load, so where does that come from? and are those the illegal characters that dbschema is complaining about?

    i found this as 9.4 dumps the schmea differently than 7.3, dumping the indexes after the tables and sp's. so i have to do a dbschema of the tables, perms, etc... to get the whole db, but i can't dump the sp's. i have to piece it together from dumping out sysprocbody.

    any ideas?



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    It sounds like a deleted-body proecdure or a corruption in sysprocbody.

    Can you export the code for each procedure using dbschema -d bbdd -f all, or dbschema -d bbdd -f procedure_name?
    José Luis Matute.

    Regards from Spain.

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