am working on a Microsoft Access project for my computer tech class and I am stumped on a few things.

I have to do a payroll for all the employees on the project he gave us, I have to list their names, pay rate, and all tax rates when I put in another table. When I run the query and put all the requirements in the query and run it in datasheet view, it comes up with the employees name and every single type of payment and tax rates. So for IE, operations manager makes $18.75 a hour, but when I run the query it has 18.75, 15.00, etc for all the payrates given. How can I have it so just the pay rate and tax rate for just the person who is paid that??

I also have a Address book for all the workers. I need to group them by location of the stores(there are 3 store locations) and then sort the job location workers by last names, any help on how to do that??