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    Unanswered: Upgrading v7.0 to 2000


    We are trying to upgrade from SQL Server v7.0 to SQL Server 2000. Here's our set up,

    Current Server: Win NT, SQL Server v7.0
    New Server : Win 2000, SQL Server 2000
    Client (my PC): Win XP, SQL Server 2000

    The New Server is designated SQL Server machine -- company-wide. That is, all the apps/projects uses this machine as the SQL Server. It only has one instance of SQL Server running.

    Different project are assigned a dedicated 'Drive' (logical only) and allocated certain disk size as the work space. We (my team) will be the new entry for this server.

    Q: When doing the Copy Wizard (from my PC) to upgrade/copy the existing v7.0 db (from Current Server) to New SQL Server 2000, do I need to specify the physicall '\Data\' folder? Or, can I copy the database to the selected path -- which is my dedicated drive?

    Thanks in Advance.


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    does it work if you copy from sql7 to 2000 directly.


    I have also started doing the same stuff. We were using SQL7.0 on Win NT server.

    I am now planning to upgrade sql7.0 to sql 200 on win 2000 server.

    What is the best mothod to approach this? Should i install sql7.0 on my new server and copy the data accross to proceed to upgrade to sql 2000?

    Does it work if i insall sql 2000 on my win 2000 server and then copy the databases from sql7 to 2000?

    Much appriciated your help.

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