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    Unanswered: Conditional Value Lists (FMP7)

    I setting up a contact db for a community organization using FMP7.

    I have a field "Category" that is defined as a value list containing


    And I have value lists for each of those Categories.

    I want to have field ("Role") next to it on the layout whose content is chosen from a drop down list. The drop down list that is displayed in the Role field should be conditional upon the the contents of the Category field.

    Assuming the appropriate drop down field is displayed, the user would the choose one of those values.

    My question is, what script would cause the appropriate drop down list to appear in "Role".

    Should Role be an text field or a calculated text or should it be a container?

    Thanks in advance for help with this.

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    Hello joetravel,
    Your category and role fields should both be a text fields. The category field will hold the text values Member, Officer etc. You should establish a relationship from it to a corresponding field in a table where the related Role values are stored (one on each record, against the corresponding category).

    Then, if you set up the value list for the Role field to take values from the role field in the related table, but instead of choosing the option for 'All values' from that field, instead choose the option for 'only related values'. When you do, the list for the Role field will be filtered according to what has previously been selected in the Category field.
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