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    Question Unanswered: Self-signed excel sheet not opened in other systems.

    I created a excel sheet with macros. I d't want to prompt for Enable/Disable macros and also not interested to set the security level to low. The solutions I think is create a certificate using selfcert.exe and attach it to macros. I done the same and working fine in local system. But, if I copied it to other system which is not opening excel and in status it is showing like (Microsoft Excel ... not responding).
    I want to know about can this be solved with-out using a 3rd party digital signature?

    kindly let me know the possible solution for this problem.

    Ravi kumar.

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    You should not get the message 'Microsoft Excel ... not responding' by opening the a code file with the self cert. This would indicate an incompatibility with the file on other systems. You should check the version of Excel to see if it is the same as that the file was created on. For the self cert activation of the file on another computer. I'm not sure what the steps are but you should have an option to Add a "Security Certificate" for whatever name the selfcert was created under. Then after adding the certificate you can get a notification to approve the file with the self signed certificate.

    FYI for anyone wondering about using the selfcert.exe This only comes with MS Office Pro installation, and it is an install option to include it with Office setup. selfcert.exe would be located under the Windows directory. If not there you'd have to get it off your CD.



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