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    Unanswered: Allocating records

    the mast table stores each and every record
    the employee table holds all the employee names with related numbers for manager, department etc..
    ive now added three more columns CallsRequiredPM (per month), and CallScreenedMTD (month to date) and FTPT which just says FT or PT

    Basically each employee has to have 6 calls screened FT and 3 PT

    Joe Bloggs, FT, callsrequiredPM 6, CallsScreenedMTD 0

    what i need is that each time a record is added for an agent i want to keep a tally, i.e CallsScreenedMTD = CallsScreenedMTD +1 (this is to be reset to 0 at the very start of each month)

    so in tblemployee this needs to be updated
    how can i do this?

    thank you
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    sorry, perhaps this is not what you want to hear, but I don;t think your datamodel is correct. It works, probably for the current requirement, but is that requirement going to change.

    I suspect that you should have a child table linked to employee, storing details of each call or event. That way round if some bright spark suggests we want to look at the months figures analysed by week you can, or compare this month with last month, or month by month for the year.

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    This is a short term fix for a voice recording software/eval program

    so it dosnt have to be perfect however the need for it has become more important since i designed the structure.

    So for now ill have to make workarounds
    ill upload my front end for you to see
    (sorry you may not be able to run it, i havent imported my linked tables)
    thank you
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