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    Angry Unanswered: ODBC SQL Server Driver TCP/IP Sockets SQL Server does not exist or access denied

    I am running Windows 2003 Standard edition with IIS and SQL 2000 SP3a installed on it.

    The web clients use ASP pages which use DSN to connect to SQL 2000 database. It has been working fine since last 1.5 years except 2 days ago when I faced this error suddenly on server:

    In accessing any ASP page, it said:

    [Microsoft][ODBC_SQL_Server_Driver][TCP/IP_Sockets_SQL_Server_does_not_exist_or_access_den ied.

    On SQL Server error log, this was the entry at that time which I found:

    SQLServer Error: 17, SQL Server does not exist or access denied. [SQLSTATE 08001]

    The server (including SQL Server and agent service) were last stopped atleast a couple of days before, so it was not the problem about startup.

    To troubleshoot, I restarted SQL Server and it worked for some time.

    Then again on ASP pages, I found this error:

    |80004005|[Microsoft][ODBC_SQL_Server_Driver][TCP/IP_Sockets]General_network_error._Check_your_network_document ation.

    I checked the error logs of SQL server and didn't find anything.
    Only entries were that the SQL is starting database, ports and IPs on which it is listening etc. The usual stuff. No errors in starting.

    The SQL Agent log showed following errors:

    2004-11-30 04:45:33 - ! [298] SQLServer Error: 2, ConnectionOpen (Connect()). [SQLSTATE 01000]
    2004-11-30 04:45:33 - ! [382] Logon to server '(local)' failed (JobManager)
    2004-11-30 04:45:36 - ! [298] SQLServer Error: 17, SQL Server does not exist or access denied. [SQLSTATE

    I don't understand what was the problem. It first occured when nothing on server was changed, next it occured 30-32 hours later, and still now it hasn't happened again.

    Does anyone know what can be wrong?


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    Throughout the problem, this was the only error to be recorded on web server logfile:


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    Any solution on this problem?

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    Looks self explanitory to me.

    Either :
    1) the server is simply not there
    2) The credentials you supplied do not have the correct permissions to access the resource

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    Quote Originally Posted by tapan_maniar
    Then again on ASP pages, I found this error:

    |80004005|[Microsoft][ODBC_SQL_Server_Driver][TCP/IP_Sockets]General_network_error._Check_your_network_document ation.
    Could also be connectivity problems .... app server & sql server, network switch, network card, static ip not assigned to sql server,

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    Yeah, what Tom said. Check the network. Do you have control over the whole network, or is it possible someone else changed something because then "knew nothing else would be affected by the change"?

    In any case, we get these from time to time and our network support group always shrugs and says "oh, must have been a glitch on the network, try it again and call if it still happens". Amazingly, it seldom still happens. Those guys...I tell ya, they can just fix stuff by thinking about it. *ROFLMFAO*
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