Hi everyone, this is my second post.

I am trying set up a DSN on a windows xp using Informix Client SDK in order to be able to retrieve data with excel or access.

We have recently upgraded to IDS 9.40 (from ids 7.31) and changed platform from solaris 5.6 to Linux (SuSE SLES 8).

All of our applications and database work as they used to.

We have about 30 PCs (Windows) with users using both applications in order to create reports etc. The old driver (Informix CLI-2.5) works fine with excel, but when trying to use with access i get the following error:

Reserved Error (-7776), There is no message for this error. Any Clue?

I assumed that there must be some incompatibily of the olld driver with the new version of IDS..

So I installed IBM Informix Client SDK which includes IBM Informix 3.82 driver.
I also installed GLS on my Windows desktop, that is the gls locales and gls conversion tables for Greek language as our DB has a el_GR.737 locale.

I am not able to setup an dsn, native ping is ok.

I get the following error when using dbping:


3:23:32 μμ : SQLAllocEnv Successful
3:23:32 μμ : SQLAllocConnect Successful
3:23:32 μμ : There was an error within SQLConnect!
3:23:32 μμ : SQLState = S1009
3:23:32 μμ : Native Error = -11066
3:23:32 μμ : Error Message = [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver]Invalid argument value.


[Informix][Informix ODBC Driver]Invalid argument value.

I am not quite sure what the problem is..

I've tried everything, I am not quite sure if GLS should be installed on Server.

Thanx in advance.