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    Question Unanswered: tomcat or no tomcat?

    Hie there,
    Currently i am developing administrator system for MySQL.
    I am thinking of using JSP to MySQL instead of the famous PHP-MySQL
    Can i use the normal Apache server or do i have use Tomcat instead>?

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    You will need to use Tomcat or some other servlet container to run your JSPs in. Tomcat integrates very well with Apache, so if you're running on a sever that's already using Apache you're fine.

    JSPs are nice, but they have some deficiencies when it comes to easily building a web application (PHP has these same problems). JSP are good for the presentation layer, but not the control layer. Many people use Struts in addition to JSP. Personally I use Apache Cocoon which I find to be the best web app framework out there. It's based around XML/XSLT and Java. Ic can run JSP and PHP internally as well as many other components.

    check it out if you want:

    good luck,

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