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    I need help in a formula that will retain a total from a worksheet on totals when the worksheet driving that total is changed. example, if cell E34 equals 20 then the tally (on another worksheet, same workbook) total will equal 20. But when the amount (in E34) is changed to 10 the tally total will equal 10, I want it to equal 30 (retain the amount from previous entry). This is to track running totals. thanks, busman

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    You will have to log your totals on a worksheet and then use the 'Subtotal' or 'Sum' function to sum the totals. Use the Formula Wizard for help. or click the AutoSum button after selecting the cell where you want the total to appear. Since formuals are based on other values on the same or another worksheet or workbook you will have to phisically type the value or create a process to enter and save values to retain them.



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    On this thread there are both VBA and formulas possibilities:

    Tallying Cell Counter
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    Thanks for your help Ill give it a try...busman

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