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    Question Unanswered: Session problem between two IE windows

    Here is my problem:
    In client side I open IE and I log into my website with username and password of one of my customers. While it is open, I open another IE window and Log into my website with another username and password.
    After a while I am using just one of them, session in the other window will be expired. If I go back to that expired session window, after nevigating to profile page, it will show information of the other window.

    So expired session window will get session information of another window.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Suggestions if you haven't tried already:

    1) set your session.timeout = 5 or higher
    2) before returning to your original window set the second session variable = ""
    that is clear it.

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    I did and nothing changed.

    Again I opened two windows explorer(IE) and logged into the website with two different userid. After a while, The one that it's session was expired, got session information from another window which still had session active cause i was only working with that.

    Please help,

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