I have a class which has a property that is a dictionary object containing objects from a separate class.


Private dicTWDFields as Dictionary        ' Dictionary object to hold objects
Private aryTWDFields() as clsTWDField     ' Temp Array to construct TWDField
                                          ' objects  

Public Property Get TWDField() as Dictionary
    Set TWDField = dicTWDFields
End Property

Public Sub Build()
    Dim lngCounter as Long

    Redim aryTWDFields(3)

    For lngCounter=0 to 3
        Set aryTWDFields(lngCounter) = New clsTWDField
    Next lngCounter    

    aryTWDFields(0).Name = "Bob"
    aryTWDFields(1).Name = "Mary"
    aryTWDFields(2).Name = "Joe"

    Set dicTWDFields = New Dictionary

    For lngCounter=0 to 3
     dicTWDFields.Add aryTWDFields(lngCounter).Name, aryTWDFields(lngCounter)
    Next lngCounter    
    Erase aryTWDFields()

End Sub

Now I can access an individual TWDFields object by:


however the TWDField objects methods and properties are not exposed to the IDE
i.e. when you hit '.'

Just wondering how I can have the IDE *see* the properties and methods of each
TWDField object in the TWDField property of the TWD class. For example the
TWDField object has a Recordset property:


and it would be nice to have the IDE display all of the ADO recordset methods,
properties. It works as is but I have become spoiled by the fluff of the IDE.

Thanks is advance,