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    Lightbulb Unanswered: corrupt access db....

    we have an application developed in vb and accessa nd is working in a clients place. suddenly we are getting some error with the db....

    while opening hte problem db in access we get the following message....
    "records cannot be read no read permission on msys acces object"

    while we open our vb application we get the following message

    "3112 records cannot be read "

    any solution s to correct this problem db.....

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    Not certain, but it sounds lke someone has been tinkering with the workgroup file on the client site and has altered the permissions on the systems objects.

    First off I'd suggest they go back to the last known good workgroup file, and try to see if that clears the fault. I'd try to examine the workgroup fle to see who,or what usergroups are remaining as administrators.

    There are other techniques to try to re-create the permissions, but I can't remember at present, I think youcan flush misset priveleges using by copying all the objects to a new db.

    Will have to have a look in the Access Developers Bible when I get back to work....

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