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    Question Unanswered: PHP functions to Oracle DB

    Hello everyone.

    I'm going to build a website (using PHP) that deals with data from Oracle 9i databas.. And this's my first time dealing with oracle db using php (consedering the fact that I have Oracle Certificate Developer diploma).. so I strated searching for the functions I'll need for connecting, querying, adding, deleting and creating new tables to the oracle db.. and guess what I found, I found many ways in doing these features.. Upon my reading there're 4 ways to do so:

    1. odbc
    2. dbase
    3. ora
    4. oci

    Well, I started reading in ORA functions, but didn't find the functions that responsibile for creating tables.. Then I restarted rading in OCI functions where I found how to create new tables and the rest of functions I'll need.. Then I stopped reading,so I have no idea about the odbc and dbase functions.

    Based on my readings, I found OCI is the best way for dealing with oracle db.. but still need your advice in that.

    ALso, I have some Qs:
    I don't know if I should have oracle client installed in my pc to do the connection?

    The DBA at the firm I work for gave me username, password and something called "DB connection string" like the following:

    SAME2 = 
        (DESCRIPTION = 
            (ADDRESS_LIST = 
                (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = XXX.XX.X.XX)(PORT  = XXXX)) 
            (CONNECT_DATA = 
                (SERVICE_NAME = same2) 

    He didn't give me the db name so I can connect to, but I think it's the one shown in the code he sent which is same2.. but I'm not sure..
    Also, I don't know what should I do with the above code ... As I told u b4 it's the first time for me to work PHP-ORACLE...

    your advices and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

    kind regards,
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