I'm new to these forums and I'm glad I found them. It's nice to see a place that has forums on all the major databases.

I did a lot of development a while ago with MySQL/Java and loved it, but for the past year I've been working with a company that was using FileMaker and wanted to stick with it. So I dove in, learned as much as possible, rebuilt their whole system in FMP7 with a proper structure, etc...

I spent a lot of time trying to figure how to do things that were easy with MySQL/Java. Eventually I got most of it to work (I can't believe what FM developers put up with), but now the db exhibits random weird behavior that neither I or FM support can figure out.

So I'm over it and I'm rebuilding the solution with MySQL, Cocoon, and XUL for the user interface. But all that FM work must have warped my brain because I'm having problems figuring out the best way to implement some of the things FileMaker does.

The biggest issue is calculation fields. I know I can implement them in the Java classes, but I do like having some of them be a part of the database layer. A lot of relationships are based off of calculated values, so since the database relies on them to make sense I'd rather not move them into the application.

One feature I never used before was Stored Procedures because well, MySQL didn't have them. But they look like they could be useful here. SQL SPs may not have the range of functions available in FM, but I think I could do most of the important stuff.

Would this be a good way to go? I know 5.0 isn't released yet, but that's fine while I develop. Or is there another way? Should I just code everything in Java and maybe use an O-R bridge, like JDO? As much as I love Java I don't like tying the whole system into using it.

Thanks for any suggestions,