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    Unanswered: Multiselect

    Is there an easy way, with the least amount of code, to allow the user of a List Box field on a form to select multiple values from another table. Later on, when the record is selected, the form will display the selected values in the same List Box.

    I've used Filemaker which had a premade listbox that can be configured to to that. I want to do the same but with Access.

    Basically, I have ProductsTbl and GroupTbl each has an AutoNumber field as a primary key. On the forms side, I have a ProductFrm with a field called Groups that will select multiple values from GroupTbl.

    Also, if there is another way of doing this, I would really appreciate it.

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    Hi kalosman and "Welcome to the Forum"

    Here is something that came up on the site awhile back about just what you are needing. Take a look at it and see if you can thing make it work in your situation. Just open the Form in DesignView then check the Properties for each...the ListBox, and the three CommandButtons. Look at the Code behind them. For the ListBox, in the Properties, go to the Other tab and look at the MultiSelect line and see that it is set to Simple. Then just view the code as stated for the CommandButtons.

    hope this helps you out.
    have a nice one and enjoy the Forum....
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