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    Unanswered: Uregnt Help, slow db performance

    From last 2 days we are experiancing a very very slow performance on SYBASE ASE 12.0. We are running processes which take 3 X times more than the usual. Also i noticed that slow database performance might be restricted to few of the databases on the ASE server..

    What should i do to debug this...i notice some processes running and can see cpu times and i/o but how do we say that this process is slowing down other processes i.e. how do i decide that this 10000 is high i/o or not.

    I have never run sp_sysmon so if i run this procedure what should be the ineterval i should run it for and what should i look for in the procedure output
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    Do you use linux, solaris, ...??

    Please run sp_sysmon and post the output. you can either run it for an interval like a minute or so, or meanwhile you execute some (to you system) common sql statements.

    for example you can create a batchfile containing:
    sp_sysmon begin_sample
    do some selects...
    do some inserts...
    do some updates...
    --etc etc choose operations which is typical and results in bad performance
    sp_sysmon end_sample

    execute through isql and redirect output to a file. Then post the sysmon output (at the end of the file)


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    Thanks for the response ..I have an output from sp_sysmon which i took for 10 min interval . Can you help me interpret it is not fitting into the reply here .If you can give me your email I can email it to you. My email is

    Thanks in advance


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