Hello All,

I have an access database with a query I used to connect into Crystal. I used the standard report wizard to create a pie chart (I am very new to using Crystal Reports and do not know too much about it.).

On one machine, when I create the report, all works well. My data is as expected and the pie chart colors as expected.

On another machine, if I create the same report, or copy the report I made to the machine and open in Crystal, only one section of the pie chart colors. The data is there as expected but I cannot understand why the pie chart pieces will not color.

I looked at another pie chart report in Crystal on this machine and it colors fine (looks at same access database, different query).

Not sure what I am missing or doing wrong. The only difference between the two machines:
Working Machine - Windows 2003 Server, Crystal 10 Dev Edition
Non-Working Machine - Windows 2000 Server, Crystal 10 Dev Edition

Any ideas would be appreciated.