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    Im trying to create a small app to get rid of the 7 binders I got on my desk. At frist I created a spreadsheet with my client information and the products that the wic approved which are stored on the binders.

    Now I would like to create the samething but in access, I got the design down, but now the problem is how to:

    1. How to set my database?
    a. Should I have a table for my clients and a table of the products?
    b. have one table for both client & products

    2. How can each client have their own spreadsheet?

    The reason why I want to have each with their own spreadsheet is becuase at the frist of everymonth they bring a check with the number of onces they can have that month, so this will add up to last months. Everytime they come in and take what they want I subtract some points from the product they took.

    Thank you for taking ur time to help

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    1. How to set my database?
    a. Should I have a table for my clients and a table of the products?
    b. have one table for both client & products
    Hi Galan Koqui and "Welcome to the Forum"

    1.a. YES You should have a separate table for each....tblClients and tblProducts
    Before you get too deep into all this may I first kindly suggest finding and reading a book on either Access OR Relational Database systems in general to get an understanding of what they have to offer and how to go about making it happen. You are at one stage and that being you have the physical data on hand you will be using.
    Go through all your data after reading and you will then have to ask YOURSELF many questions before you get anywhere near using the program on the computer. Get it together on Paper FIRST. Work through your logic and see if it makes sense to you.
    IF you happen to know a little about this already, then pretty much you will know what to do with your Primary Keys that you should set for each, and then set up your Relationships between your two tables.
    Chances are, by the time you understand RDBMS you just might find you need more than 2 tables even. The more you do the grunt work now, get all the components you need, start to lay your foundation, the better you will be in the end. Otherwise you will just be designing a pile of stuff only to cause headaches and take up disk space.
    All this is being said to get your thoughts and logical order set before you go too far in the wrong direction. As with this Forum, we are all here to assist anyone with a snag, but trying to get someone to walk you through the entire process of Creating a database and define what they think you need is something you probably won't find here. (I have on rare occassions redesigned one), but that was at MY leisure to do so. But then, that may or may not bring about a CO$T factor which is totally outside the scope of this forum and goes onto an individual basis.

    All in all there are many good books to get the basics on this and many places online to get you really started. I went to lengths to say all this for one reason. The questions that you asked. That told me you haven't tetered on Step One just yet. Again, this is all in the tone of very friendly advice and not meant to be a negative or derogatory thing.

    Hope you enjoy the Forum.
    have a nice one,

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