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    Red face A little help with Normalisation if I may :-)


    I am new to this forum - may I take the time to say a warm hello to you all

    I've been studying 'Database & Analysis' for two years on my Computing course at University. I know a fair bit about the basic principles of Database & Analysis however, we have started to produce theory work behind database design and I was wondering whether anyone could check over the results of my normalisation please.

    The topic of my study is on a paper based organisation who wish to covert to a computerised system. I've applied the first three normlisation techniques (1st, 2nd and 3rd normal form and specified names of my resulting tables).

    My lecturer adviced me to normalise each paper based document individually (hence the duplication of certain tables) - how would I covert these into single tables. Would I collect all the enties from the duplicate tables and then join them to form one (obviously avoiding the instance of duplicate attributes).

    Would anyone be so kind as to have a brief look and advice me on where I could develop the design please.

    Thank you, Happy Holidays!
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    dBforum ethics prevent members from helping with academic work.

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