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    Question Unanswered: best side learning base and admin "sybase"

    Hi all,
    I new person entering to the DB world.
    can you help me by the best side learning base and admin "sybase"
    thanks for all.

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    I don't know which country you're from, but if there is a Sybase Learning centre nearby, you hould take some courses. The Fasttrack-courses are very helpful for beginners with Sybase ASE (and ASA too). I learned a lot at those courses. I'm not sure if they are available online too, you should look into that.

    Naturally, hands-on experience is a good learning too.
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    Sybooks are really helpful

    If you would like to read from manuals sybooks is the place where you can get all documentation TSQL as well as admin .
    But as sugested Fast Track to ASE is the best for beginners.

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