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    Red face Unanswered: Question To MR.Andrewst (Oracle Boss )

    I have a branch connected to the server via lessd-line connection with 64 kbps (=8 KB) band-width, the SDU in TNSnames.ORA is the default value 2048 (=2 KB).
    the question is :
    if I change the SDU to 8 Kb so the packet to be transfered will contains more data so the query will be faster?

    thankx in advance

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    I'm flattered by the subject line of this post, but I am afraid it is totally misguided. Your question is about something I know absolutely nothing about! I don't even know what "SDU" means...

    If you are lucky, someone else who does understand the question may answer - but given the personal address to me in the subject line, they may well not read it at all!

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    The Session Data Unit (SDU) is a way to control the size of the ethernet packets. On slower links, the SDU should be bigger to reduce the amount of handshaking between smaller packets.

    The SDU size should be set as a multiple of the normal transport frame size. Since the normal Ethernet frame size is 1500, the most efficient SDU size over an Ethernet protocol should be a multiple of 1500.

    If you are using either connection pooling or connection concentration, keep in mind that these features require an additional 16 bytes per transport. For more information about the protocol frame size, refer to your operating-system-specific documentation.
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