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    Unanswered: Menu bar being block by combo box


    I have this problem which happen in the interface of my web site.
    I have this meny bar at the vary top and when the menu bar is in the pull down form, the combo box beneath it will cover the menu bar.
    But how come this doesn't happen to textbox?
    Basically this combo box is covering my menu bar which suppose to be on top of it when the menu bar is in the pull down form.
    How can i overcome this problem?
    Thanx in advance

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    Yup, it's annoying isn't it. I bet you are using iFrames and most likely absolute postioning....

    Two things that might solve your problem.

    1. Try using the z-index on your frame to bring it in front of your drop down...

    2. Wrap your drop down in a div and hide it using javascript when you activate the menu....

    Other then that oyu can re-arrange your page so there is no overlap.

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    Thanx for the explanation.
    I try and overcome it and c.
    Thanx again

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