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    Unanswered: MS SQL Jobs

    Hi SQL Guru's

    I am trying to run a job on Multiple SQL Servers in a domain.I am setting the job on my system,but the Radio button "Target Multiple Servers" is disabled.How do I enable the radio button "Target Multiple Servers".
    Please let me know if this is possible.

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    you have to ensure that your machine is a master and that you have
    registered servers to be targets.

    Right click sql server agent -- Multi Server Administration -- Make this a master.
    During this process you will be asked to create a MSX operator. and to enlist targets. the targets will need to be pre-registered with your master's instance and then define the jobs on the master and then you will be able to target multiple servers.

    understand that this process is designed to return all job history to the master so you can check the progress of job operations from one place. however, just as with the highlander, there can be only one..... meaning that a target cannot be a master for other servers.

    and dont forget to check books online,
    BOOKS ONLINE {Multiserver Administration}

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