I am installing DB2 on SuSE SLES9 RC5 for AMD64. I found it reports SQL22208N while creating Tools Catalog. What is wrong with me? :-(

My environment:
DB2: V8.1
Box: AMD64
JDK: JBMJava2-142 for i386.

My main steps are:
1> delete JDK in SuSE, then install the new IBM JDK.
2> delete Java directory in DB2 installation package, link it to the IBM JDK I installled.
3> export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.19 and JAVA_HOME=/opt/IBMJava-142
4> use db2setup to install DB2
5> after that, Tools catalog is not installed, then I update the cfg of dbm and admin:
db2 update dbm cfg using JDK_HOME /opt/IBMJava-142
db2 update admin cfg using JDK_HOME /opt/IBMJava-142
db2admin stop
db2admin start

6> then I try to create Tools Catalog, and failed here:
db2 create tools catalog toolcat create new database tooldb

It reprots:
SQL22208N: The DB2 Administration Server failed to execute functions/method
"db2dasCreateToolsCatalog" in library/class "db2dasdbfn" at hosts "".
Reason Code "2"

Thank you very much!